Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #5

As an intervention specialist, I work only with students who are struggling. Our time together is limited, and I need to dedicate as much time as possible to actual reading work.

In a classroom setting, teachers and students would have more time and flexibility to create these types of products. Wordle, for example, could be used to articulate key words and important ideas from a text, but I would expect my students to provide the content, rather than allowing them to copy and paste.

Wordle: Allington

I would not recommend for the purpose of reading because it does not enhance or deepen the reader's understanding of what they have read. It could, however, be used to advertise a time period being studied in social studies, a geographic feature, or some other concept that would allow students to reflect their own learning using the poster.

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  1. The wordle is great. Tracy found a site yesterday for wordles that show the attributes and the kids have to guess the theme. Sounded interesting. I agree with Big Huge Labs. It is great for content areas such as science or social studies, however.