Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tool #10

1. I would want my students to understand that they need to be careful before they put any personal information on the internet. I would also want them to know that not all information they find on the internet is true. I would also want them to know that the same rules for copyright and plagiarizing apply on the internet as well.

2. I really liked the BrainPop videos, and I would like to use these to introduce my students to digital citizenship.

3. I would teach digital citizenship every time my students use the internet. The students need to learn good habits when it comes to using the internet. We would discuss how to be safe online during whatever activity we were planning on doing.

4. I would want the parents to be sure that their kids are being safe online and to suggest that they reinforce this while the student is at home. This could be presented either by sending a letter home or by discussing it at a curriculum night.

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