Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool #2

I found several interesting blogs throughout this process. I visited The Fischbowl and read several thought-provoking articles and commented on one as well to keep the discussion going. 

I also went to Technology Tidbits to learn about several new ways to integrate technology and education. Hopefully, I will find an opportunity to use these tools further in the classroom.

Visiting my co-workers blogs was a new experience to me. The public nature of commenting is not very concerning to me, but just a new experience. Ms M's Blog was very helpful! She often guided me through this whole process! Thanks!

Mrs. Rabel's 4th Grade Class Blog is very well done and enjoyable to read! 

Hopefully forming a PLN will pay off for me in the future and prove to be a vital tool in my instruction. I can see how over time it will definitely add to my knowledge in my subject area. Thanks for reading!

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