Friday, July 27, 2012

Tool #7

Again, within an intervention setting, I would not be able to dedicate time to this purpose. However, as a classroom teacher I could see many opportunities for students to engage with a larger learning community.

A. Content Objective: TLW engage in discussions with other students about books they are reading within book clubs in order to enhance their individual comprehension.
B. When you plan to implement: In a classroom setting, I would plan to implement this in late fall once classroom procedures and routines have been established.
C. What tools you plan to use: Google Docs and Skype
D. A brief description of the plan: Initially, I would need to support my students in the use of dialogue journals as a response to reading. Once students understood the expectations of this form of a reading response and had seen a variety of models, then they would be paired with another student in a different class to "dialogue" with via Google Docs as they read their book. Skype could eventually be incorporated as a way to create virtual book clubs as the students reading the same text discussed the book at various intervals.
E. Other classrooms: Since I cannot do this, that isn't an issue for me. If I were to do this, I would look to do this with a class in a different setting (location) to increase the opportunities for unique perspectives to add to the group's thinking and conversation.

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